King Abdulaziz International Airport, commonly known as Jeddah Airport, is the gateway for millions of tourists to Saudi Arabia. Getting a SIM card for your mobile phone is essential when traveling in Saudi Arabia, so you can easily access maps, communicate with locals, use ride-sharing apps etc. This comprehensive guide is everything a must-know to get a SIM card at Jeddah Airport.

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I. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Jeddah Airport

Getting a SIM card at Jeddah Airport is a simple process. After collecting your luggage and clearing customs, head towards the arrival hall. In the main arrival hall you will find convenience store, coffee shops,… There is the exit towards the train station and there you’ll find the SIM card kiosks for the major mobile operators in Saudi Arabia – STC, Mobily and Zain.

STC has a large store right as you exit the customs zone. Mobily and Zain both have purchase counters a short distance further ahead, near the exits leading to the train station.

Mobily Kiosk at Jeddah Airport
Mobily Kiosk at Jeddah Airport

Note: If you cannot find the best option at the airport, you can discover even more SIM card plans in Jeddah city.

II. Jeddah SIM Card Options and Costs

When looking to buy a Saudi Arabia SIM card at Jeddah Airport, you’ll find a lot of prepaid plans and packages to buy. Here’s an overview of the major options you’ll see:

OperatorPlanData AllotmentSocial Media DataCall MinutesCost (SAR)Valid ForCost (USD)
STCsawa flex10 GB10 GB50086.254 weeks$23.01
MobilyPrepaid 11010 GB15 GB1,5001104 weeks$29.33
MobilyPrepaid 15020 GBUnlimited3,0001504 weeks$40
ZainVisitor 5015GB2 weeks505057.52 weeks$15.33
STCsawa share plus25 GB25 GB500132.254 weeks$35.20
MobilyPrepaid 18050 GBUnlimitedUnlimited1804 weeks$48
* Prices may vary depending on the retailer and SIM card provider.

As you can see, costs range from $9-40 USD depending on the amount of data, minutes and texts you need during your stay. If you have a short trip, SIM options with limited data may more suitable, while a longer stay will require a more data plan.

III. What You Need to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Jeddah Airport

When you want to buy your Saudi Arabia SIM card at Jeddah Airport, there are a few important things to take note of:

  • Passport Required – You will need to show your physical passport at the SIM card kiosk for registering the SIM card. Be ready to provide your passport details when making the purchase.
  • Unlocked Phone – Your phone must be unlocked for use on cellular networks other than your home carrier. Contact your home provider in advance to request your phone be network unlocked.
  • Know Your Data Needs – Decide how much data you’ll need during your time in Saudi Arabia. More data equals higher cost, so don’t overbuy if you won’t use it.
  • Cash or Credit Card – Have Saudi Riyal cash or an international credit card on hand for paying for your SIM card. Some kiosks may not accept foreign cash.
  • SIM Card Format – Ensure your phone uses a standard size SIM card – either regular SIM or microSIM. Nano SIMs will require a SIM adapter.
  • Charged Phone Battery – You’ll need ample battery charge left on your phone to set up the SIM card, install provided apps, and configure mobile data/APN settings.

With these tips in mind, purchasing a SIM card upon arrival at Jeddah Airport will be quick and easy. You’ll have mobile data working in no time.

IV. eSIM as an Alternative to SIM Card at Jeddah Airport

Saudi Arabia eSIM - Alternative for tourists
Saudi Arabia eSIM – Alternative for tourists

Travellers arriving at Jeddah Airport don’t need to waste time searching for a SIM card counter. Skip the lines and hassle by purchasing your Saudi Arabia eSIM instead. offers affordable packages from only $5 for as few as 7 days with no identify proof or document needed either.

Some key benefits of using eSIM rather than a local SIM card at Jeddah Airport include:

  • No need to find a kiosk – You can setup an eSIM for Saudi Arabia before you depart or upon arrival via app.
  • Remote activation – eSIMs can be activated over-the-air, no shop visit needed.
  • Multi eSIMs – Some phones allow setting up multiple eSIMs from different providers.
  • Flexibility – eSIMs allow quickly switching data plans as needed for each country.

Skip the queues and get your Saudi Arabia eSIM

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V. FAQs About Getting SIM Card at Jeddah Airport

Do I need to show my passport to get a SIM card at the Jeddah airport?

Yes, you will need to provide your passport at the kiosk for the agent to register the SIM card under your name as required by Saudi law.

Can I use cash to purchase a SIM card at Jeddah airport?

Most kiosks accept credit/debit cards and some may accept Saudi Riyal cash. Foreign currencies may not be accepted, so have SAR cash available.

How long does it take to activate the SIM card?

Activation only takes a few minutes in most cases. The attendant will insert the SIM, configure settings, and get mobile data working quickly.

Can I use my existing SIM card from home in Saudi Arabia?

Unfortunately, international roaming with your home SIM is usually very expensive. A local Saudi SIM is highly recommended.

Do I need to show proof of departure to get a SIM card?

No, proof of onward travel is generally not required at King Abdulaziz Airport for SIM card purchase.

Can I get a SIM card if I’m transiting through Saudi Arabia?

Yes, transit passengers can also purchase SIM cards at Jeddah Airport despite not entering the country.

VI. Final Words

In conclusion, obtaining a SIM card at Jeddah Airport is a straightforward process for travelers arriving in Saudi Arabia. The major mobile providers STC, Mobily and Zain have prominent stores and kiosks near the airport exits where you can easily purchase prepaid SIM cards. However, for those seeking an even more convenient option, buying an eSIM online from before your trip eliminates the need to navigate airport shops after a long flight.